We have a vision,
we strive to explore the true potential of cities.

To make them more sustainable, safe and ...


Smart, hyper-connected, safe and sustainable, the smart city gives us the possibility to transform cities in custom spaces that reflect our needs.
The true challenge of Envision is to create smart solutions, which at the same time both enrich and simplify the life of citizens each day and improve the overall quality of life.

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POC Rome

Three Smart City trials have been launched in Rome based on artificial intelligence.

Envision Smart tips will be installed on three traffic lights; each tip contains two Sony IMX500 image sensors, which integrate AI processing capabilities, and a router device to send data collected to the centralized systems in Cloud.

The first of the three experiments will focus on identifying free parking lots, with the goal of reducing both pollution and additional traffic caused by drivers wandering around looking for a parking space.
The second experiment is aimed at optimizing public transport and the third experiment is aimed at improving pedestrian safety.



On April16, 2021, Envision was selected among the Top 20 worldwide companies, participating in the competition held as part of the InfraChallenge initiative.

The InfraChallenge initiative invites worldwide companies and start-ups to present their technology-based solutions for building more efficient and resilient urban infrastructures. The 2021 edition is supported by the Italian Presidency of the G20.

The program of the Italian Presidency of the G20 is based on three main thematic pillars: People, Planet and Prosperity. In line with these pillars, the presidency seeks to undertake structural transformations on the infrastructures to increase resilience, to improve the maintenance of existing assets, to promote the development of green digital infrastructures and to foster the inclusivity of the most vulnerable human groups.

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On the 5th and 6th November 2020, the fifth edition of the Italian Innovation Day took place, organized by the Italian Embassy in Tokyo in collaboration with other Italian and Japanese public institutions (ICE, Invitalia, Japan External Trade Organization JETRO).

Envision was selected among sixteen startups to present its products and services to a selected audience of leading Japanese companies and investors, in order to start collaborations with industrial and financial partners.

The topics proposed in this edition are linked to topic issues such as: efficient management of the Covid-19 crisis, solutions to improve the quality of life, services and solutions to promote an economy based on resource efficiency, sustainability and circularity.

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