The trend of cities’ transformation to become greener and more sustainable is unstoppable.

This transformation involves major challenges: new service delivery processes, digital privacy and security, compliance with different standards and regulations, etc.

Our end-to-end offer provides the analysis of needs, the design of solutions,  the supply of intelligent products and the definition of financial and business models.

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territory assessment

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custom smart solutions





Public lighting represents, together with the real estate assets, the main component in the rationalization of the funds, energy efficiency and territory enhancement.

A modern and efficient lighting network has the potential to have a substantial role for what concerns the process of transition towards a smart city model. All of this is possible by supporting the supply of digital urban services and taking advantage of the characteristics of each territory which in order to create a strategic infrastructural network.


In addition to the interventions on public lighting, the surrounding urban area could be renovated, providing for the installation of hi-tech street furniture, fitting aesthetically with the context and the lighting of the area.

The goal is to take the opportunity of the energy retrofit to transform the urban infrastructure into an integrated, innovative and eco-sustainable network, at the service of citizens and tourists. This will be realized by installing "smart furniture” to support the development of a Smart infrastructure connected to the IOT.

Services of added value

The collection of information and an appropriate processing of the data, in compliance with the privacy laws, are the lifeblood of the Smart city. The integration and coordination of all services and data generate the true value of a Smart city.

In addition, the processing capacity of big-data all over the territory reduces the data flows and the analytical power of data centers. Moreover, the data collected by the Smart infrastructures can be further integrated with information collected through systems/devices already in use and / or planned by the administrations.


The transformation of public lighting and street furniture, due to their capillarity throughout the territory, allows for the creation of an advanced and innovative infrastructure at low cost, capable of collecting data and supporting the provision of value-added digital services.

The technological solutions proposed by Envision are integrated into a single platform, called Urbanvision, which is modular, scalable and flexible. The complexity of the issues for city management requires all information to be integrated, stored on efficient information systems, in order to be easily available, remotely accessible, easily updated and interchangeable.

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Development of web/mobile solutions

Interface and user experience design.

Data analysis, business intelligence

Cloud services

Artificial intelligence algorithms

Dashboard KPI

Definition of service supply processes

Privacy and digital security

Prototype ideation

Smart infrastructure design

Test models


System Integration

API development

Machine Learning

Business model definition

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