Our solution

The trend of transforming cities from an eco-sustainable and green perspective is irreversible and involves important challenges: new service delivery processes, digital privacy and security, compliance with international standards and regulations, etc. With an integrated vision of the "system" and the network of professionals and industrial partners, we propose ourselves as an End2End provider alongside the Customer to develop the best technological and financial solutions. The development process is divided into the following steps: needs analysis, solution design, supply of smart products, configuration and systemic activities, services supply and business models definition

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Studio del territorio

Progettiamo infrastrutture per Smart City e IoT, seguendo il modello dell’economia circolare, con focus sull’efficienza energetica e i servizi tecnologici a valore aggiunto.

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Analisi delle esigenze

Grazie alla nostra piattaforma Urbanvision è possibile raccogliere, gestire ed elaborare in modo integrato tutti i dati, per erogare servizi digitali innovativi.

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Soluzioni smart su misura

Il nostro obiettivo primario è creare infrastrutture resilienti nelle città, collaborando con il capitale umano, intellettuale e sociale di chi le abita.

Our smart devices

Smart tips


Can be integrated on existing lighting or traffic lights poles, without excavating and/ or additional processing; this ensures easy installation and maintenance, flexibility of use and aesthetic and functional integration. Available in two variations:
SMART: Wifi + Sensor for video surveillance and video analysis.
ECO: Weather and air quality sensor + sensor for video surveillance and video analysis.

Smart- Benches


Available in 4 variations:
Basic, equipped with electrical sockets, LED lighting, Hotspot Wi-fi;
, equipped with charging for electric vehicles.
Health, equipped with defibrillator and environmental sensors.
Eco, equipped with sensors for air temperature and humidity.

smart - Shelter


Available in 2 variations:
Basic, equipped with sensors for video surveillance and video analysis, electrical sockets, LED lighting, Hotspot Wi-fi;
Charge, equipped with charging for electric vehicles.

smart- bin

Smart waste bins

Configurable according to the needs and features of the local waste collection system by equipping the waste bins with fill sensors, access keys, etc.

Smart administration platform


The Urbanvision app is the core of our solutions.
An all-in-one platform from which it is possible to collect and process all data generated on a specific area.

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Additional Services

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User interface
User experience
Responsive layout
Design of smart infrastructure
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Artificial intelligence algorithms
Dashboard KPI
Privacy e digital security
API development
System Integration
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Cloud services
Data analysis, business intelligence
Simulation models
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Cloud services
Data analysis, business intelligence
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